Make a Difference Career Opportunities at Kleines Biotech

At Kleines, people feel valued and their careers thrive being part of a culture grounded in our Core Beliefs. Colleagues work together with a common purpose, sharing knowledge and resources for the success of our customers — those who raise and care for animals. We have been recognized for creating a collaborative culture where every colleague feels a sense of ownership and can achieve a fulfilling work/life balance. We invest in our people and offer exciting opportunities for colleagues to learn, grow and make an impact on the health of animals and the success of our veterinary and livestock producer customers and their businesses. Start your career at Kleines.


Our policies and values contribute to the Group’s successful operation. They are common “rules of the game”, both for work and for behaviours. Everyone is expected to apply and live these values in order to maintain and strengthen the Group’s presence and culture.

Kleines's values are a reference framework guiding each person’s behaviour in their daily work. The values make it possible for employees from different fields to better collaborate, around the world, and they also contribute to greater consistency in actions and decisions. These values are reflected by expected professional behaviours that are integrated into our annual performance appraisal process for every employee.


Kleines makes sure that its development is consistent with legislation, ethical standards and individual rights, while carrying out healthy competition. Kleines expects from each employee, irrespective of their reporting level, so that, around the world, all are acting in compliance with our ethical standards, with respect to competitors, customers and suppliers, as well as safeguarding Kleines assets and preventing any risk of fraud or corruption.